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Foussat Clubs

Lanyard Club

Need your student involved in a fun club after school? Have them sign up for our  Lanyard club.  Limited Spaces available:

What is the Lanyard club? 

It starts off with two colored strings and students can choose to make necklaces, keychains, fun backpack accessories or bracelets.  This club will be teaching the basics on how to start a Lanyard and as more classes occur students will continue learning new designs.

The club is offered to kids from 2nd grade - 5th Grade ONLY.  Registration form can be found here.

Starting October 9th-December 4th

Time: 1:05-2:15PM-Students need to be picked up on time please.

If you need any more information please contact: 

Maria Jimenez (760) 721-2207

Ocupa que su estudiante tenga una clase divertida después de escuela? regístrese para el Club de Llaveros espacio es limitado:

Que es el club de Lanyrd? 

Se empieza con 2 hilos de plásticos y empezamos hacer un collar, llavero, accesorios para la mochila o un brazalete. El club va a dar los pasos básicos de cómo empezar un un llavero y para continuar aprendiendo como ponerle nuevos hilos de plásticos o colores. 

Empezará desde Octubre 9- Diciembre 4th 

Horario: 1:05pm-2:15 pm su estudiante debe ser recogido a tiempo Por favor.

El Club solo ofrecido para los estudiantes de 2do Grado - 5to Grado.

Si ocupan mas información sobre este Club por favor contáctese con:

Maria Jimenez (760) 721-2207

Mileage Club

Foussat Elementary School PTA sponsored Mileage Club which is  spearheaded by parent volunteers. 

Mileage Club starts October 22nd, every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:30 - 8:50 am out on the field. Parents are welcome to run or walk with their students as long as they are checked into the office.

The club is asking for a $2.00 donation . Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and make sure to bring plenty of water.

Any questions please email