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Parent Resources

Well Connect App for Families on the Move

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The WelConnect app connects families to available resources and support programs provided by their school district, their schools, the surrounding community, and the US military. It's available to download on your device from the Apple iTunes Store, or Google Play for Android. Welconnect to download

Community Resources

Are you looking to enroll your child in sports, after-school programs, or Scouts?


Is your child or family member in need of counseling support?


Below you will find links to a wide variety of community resources available to our students and families, and many are free, low-cost, or scholarship eligible.  Click on the links below for more information.


Educational and Extracurricular Activities (click for info)

Health Resources (clink for info)

Psychological/Psychiatric and Behavioral Resources (click for info)

Family Resources (click for info)

Military Family Resources (click for info)

Women's Services (click for info)

If you are in need of resources not listed above, please contact our School Psychologist, Jennifer DiMase, at 760-721-2210.