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Parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to visit or volunteer at Foussat Elementary School.

  • Parents and visitors must come into the office and sign in each and every time they come on campus and must sign out when they leave.
  • Visitor/Volunteer badges must be visibly worn at all times.
  • Please telephone your child's teacher in advance to arrange the best time for you to visit or help out in the classroom.  In general, observation visits should be no longer than 30 minutes.  However, helping in the classroom could be for longer periods of time.  Unannounced visits will not be allowed.
  • Parents are not allowed on the playground during recess times unless accompanied by their child's teacher or other school personnel.

The intent is twofold.  First, the staff of Foussat Elementary School is committed to helping your child reach their highest academic potential.  Towards this effort, we ask for your support as we strive to limit classroom disruptions.  As many of you know, the State of California requires all 2nd through 5th grade students take the California Standardized Tests in early May.  Teachers will be working very hard to prepare the students for this high stakes test.  Second and equally important is your child's safety.  The above practice enables us to ensure that everyone (children and adults) is accounted for.

We appreciate all of the feedback you have shared.  We want to continue to make Foussat School a welcoming place for families while balancing the need to maintain a safe and academically high performing environment.